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Art files should be vector form, We prefer: EPS, AI or PDF.

If you don't have a vector file, we recommend 300dpi or larger in one of the following formats: PSD, TIF or JPG.

Art should be left in layers. Pantone colors should be provided in your artwork if you have specific colors in mind.

Text must be converted to outlines or rasterized in Photoshop.


Art should be sized to the dimensions you desire. If art dimensions are not specified, it will be up to our discretion on sizing based off a digital proof provided to you at final approval of your order. We recommend sending a mockup of your art on a shirt with your file whenever possible. We will provide you a final mockup for approval before printing.



Below is an example of a number of pantones available. We recommend that if you have a specific color in mind for your print that you take the time to locate your exact pantones and provide them to us. This will ensure the best final outcome and takes some of the guess work out of our process. We do strive to get as close to the color we are given every time but many colors that can be put on artwork don’t fall precisely on the Pantone chart. We most generally use Coated in picking colors for screen printing purposes. You will see that as for example 752C on the Pantone Chart. We can also use Uncoated, which, as an example, would be listed as 599U for a more muted color.

We recommend this website for choosing your pantone colors: Pantone



We offer two main print sizes for your images. You can see the different options laid out with the maximum screen size available per print size. The images represent the actual print area. Anything within those parameters constitutes that particular print size. For instance, if you decided to print an oversize image, you can use the whole print area up to 18" wide X 26" tall.

A big question we get is: "What if one dimension falls in the Standard sizing and one falls in the Oversize?". That will count as an Oversize print. When dimensions are larger than the Standard setup, we have to use an Oversize screen, which is what distinguishes it from the Standard printing when it comes to pricing.

Additionally, keep in mind the size of the apparel you are ordering. Printing on a small shirt will not have the same effect as printing on an XXL shirt. If you are wanting to have a proportionally-sized design that looks closely the same across all sizes, then different sized screen set ups will be needed at additional cost.



We ship via UPS. This map shows outbound ground shipping times from our location in Kansas City. As you can see, almost all the continental US is within 3 business days of our shop. Expedited shipping is available for an additional elevated price. 

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