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RL BROOKS [Owner / CEO, Head of Sales]

While touring in the band Flee The Seen, RL first entered the print industry while relying on t-shirt sales to make a living. Between tours, he started working for a local print shop, selling shirts and finding bands that were in need of printed apparel. During that time, RL became directly involved in the whole print making process, learning everything from the ground up. With 4 years experience in advanced printing techniques and high volume fulfillment, RL began to create a client base that would become the foundation of what is now Seen Merch. In March 2009 RL decided to build a high quality dependable screen printing shop on his own. RL’s ability to drive production and guide clients in decision making has resulted in rapid growth here at Seen Merch. RL still currently plays music in the band Maps For Travelers courtesy of No Sleep Records and is passionate about bringing great products to artists to aide their musical endeavors.


“My goal is for upfront and honest transactions for my clients. This is a tough business and most people do not realize how much really goes into the printing of a shirt. I’m here to help my clients sleep better at night knowing they are getting a great product at a great price and in a timely fashion”​​



MICAH BROOKS [Owner / Head of Art & Production]


Micah is in charge of art separations and making sure what you see on the screen matches what you get on your apparel.  He also oversees day to day floor operations. He ended up getting involved with the company when RL requested him to come back home and help build his vision for the company.
Prior to his work with Seen Merch he made his living traveling and online gaming. These travels led him to many a city but his main locals during that time were Vancouver, British Columbia, San Jose, Costa Rica, and Las Vegas, Nevada. He's made contacts in various locations with his various hobbies including Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and in turn has developed good relationships with various businesses around the country specializing in extreme sports.